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Light Rail Transit

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a railway that operates on exclusive rights-of-way and usually boards and discharges passengers at floor level. LRT is currently used worldwide and since 1980, LRT systems have opened in 13 metropolitan areas including Dallas, Portland, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Houston, and Minneapolis. Typically, LRT vehicles are powered by electricity and use an overhead source for their power. LRT cars vary in width and length, but articulated cars, or several car sections hinged together, are most common in North America.

LRT Benefits:

  • A three-car train of articulated cars can safely transport more than 400 passengers
  • Fully automated operation is feasible on an exclusive track
  • Cars are quiet and provide a smooth ride
  • Externally supplied power allows for necessary heating and cooling without wasting fuel or loss in performance

LRT Examples:

lrt_oregon   lrt_houston
Portland, Oregon   Houston, Texas
lrt_neworleans   lrt_bordeaux
Orleans, France   Bordeaux, France